This documentation applies to the 3.5 version of Protege-OWL, which is no longer under active development. The latest Protege 5.0+ release is documented here.    (COB)

The SWRLTab is a development environment for working with SWRL rules in Protege-OWL. It supports the editing and execution of SWRL rules and includes a set of libraries that can be used in rules, including libraries to interoperate with XML documents, and spreadsheets, and libraries with mathematical, string, RDFS, and temporal operators. A SWRL-based OWL query language called SQWRL is also provided.    (A3E)

An introduction to the SWRL language can be found here. An introduction to SQWRL can be found here.    (9EQ)

The SWRLTab has several software components:    (6GY)

Protege-OWL also contains the Axiome Rule Management Plugin, which provides support for SWRL rule elicitation, paraphrasing, and rule base visualization. It is documented here.    (B21)

Activation    (6H3)

The SWRLTab should be visible for all OWL ontologies that have a namespace entry for the canonical SWRL namespace with the alias swrl. It is disabled by default if the ontology does not have this entry. In Protege-OWL, ontologies that use SWRL do not need to explicitly import the SWRL ontology. This ontology defines a storage specification only and the necessary OWL constructs it defines are understood by Protege-OWL.    (A6B)

To activate the SWRLTab in a project that does not include a SWRL namespace entry, go to Project | Configure in the Protege-OWL GUI and check the "SWRLTab" box. The tab will then appear and a namespace entry for SWRL will be added to the active ontology.    (6H5)

By default, the SWRLTab will automatically add the SWRLA and SQWRL ontologies to the import list of the active ontology when it is enabled. If you would like to disable this automatic importation, add the protege.owl.swrl.exclude_standard_imports property to the file in the base Protege installation directory and set its value to be true. You can also set this property in the Protege GUI by going to the File | Configure ... menu and enabling the ProtegePropertiesTab.    (AIR)

Citing in Publications    (6H6)

To cite general use of the SWRLTab in a publication, use the following paper:    (C5G)

SQWRL can be cited as follows:    (C5I)

The SWRLTab's temporal functionality is covered in the following paper:    (C5O)

The reasoners used by the SWRLTab are described here:    (CMM)

Additional SWRL-related publications can be found here.    (COA)

Installation    (6HB)

The SWRLTab is installed as part of Protege-OWL and does not need to be downloaded separately. Release 3.5 or later should be used.    (CMP)

The Protege-OWL distribution includes an implementation of a SWRL rule engine that uses the Drools open source rule engine. This implementation is included in the distribution. The Jess rule engine is also supported. Unlike Drools, Jess is not open source and requires a license for use so is not included in the distribution. Information on installing Jess is described here.    (CMQ)

Source Code    (6HE)

The SWRLTab is open source and all source code is available for download from the Protege-OWL Subversion Repository. The SWRLTab is built from a number of components. Information on downloading the source code for these components can be found here.    (CHC)

Building    (B46)

Detailed information on building the SWRLTab can be found here.    (CMR)

Author    (6HH)

The SWRLTab was written by Martin O'Connor at Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research.    (6HI)

How can I get help?    (6HJ)

Questions and comments on the SWRLTab should be sent to the Protege-OWL mailing list (protege-owl at lists dot stanford dot edu). This list is monitored by the developers of the SWRLTab.    (6HK)