The PROMPT plug-in allows you to manage multiple ontologies in Protégé, mainly    (3NO)

Download    (7QT)

Prompt is bundled with the "full" installation of Protege.    (7QU)

New in Prompt 3.0    (7PV)

Important notice: the Prompt build available with the Protege download (Protege 3.2 beta, build 331) has a bug in the FOAM plug-in to Prompt. Unfortunately, due to some recent hardware difficulties, we are unable to run a new Protege build at this time. Thus, if you would like to try out the FOAM plug-in for Prompt, you will need to do the following:    (7SF)

Documentation    (7PC)

Tips and tricks    (3O0)

Author    (7QV)

Author: Natasha Noy, with contributions from Michel Klein, Sandhya Kunnatur, Abhita Chugh, and Sean Falconer.    (7PG)

Current Contact: Natasha Noy    (7QW)

Institution: Stanford University    (7QX)

Level of Support    (7QY)

The Prompt tab is under active development. Please send questions and comments to Natasha Noy (noy at stanford dot edu).    (7PH)

The source code for this plug-in is available in the Protege Subversion repository.    (7QZ)

License    (7R0)

The Prompt plug-in and its source code (like Protege) are freely available under the open source Mozilla Public License.    (7R1)