The ontology bean generator plugin is a Protege Tab widget which generates java files representing an ontology that can be used with the JADE environment. With the beangenerator tool you can generate FIPA/JADE compliant ontologies from RDF(S), XML and Protégé projects.    (6WP)

Although all the instruction on this wiki page are valid, we strongly recommend that you download and use the latest version of the plug-in, which is accessible on the new Protege wiki, at:    (AHY)

Note: This plugin works with both Protege frames and Protege OWL ontologies.    (6WS)

Download    (6WR)

Installation    (6YV)

How to use the plugin    (6WQ)

Limitations    (72A)

Screenshot from MusicShopOntology example    (6Z1)    (6Z2)

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Author: C.J. van Aart    (6ZF)

Level of support: This plug-in is no longer under active development. If you need assistance, you can try posting a message to the protege-discussion mailing list (protege-discussion at lists dot stanford dot edu) and someone from the Protege community may be able to help you.    (6ZE)