MappingMaster is an open source Protege-OWL plugin that can be used to transform the content of spreadsheets in to OWL ontologies. It has two primary components:    (B1F)

Publications    (BN8)

Activation    (AYU)

To activate the MappingMaster tab, go to Project | Configure in the Protege-OWL GUI and check the MappingMasterTab box. The tab will then appear. If the loaded ontology is then saved the tab will appear when this ontology is opened in future. The operation of this tab is outlined here.    (AZM)    (BIK)

Installation    (AYV)

MappingMaster is part of Protege-OWL 3.4.3 and does not need to be downloaded separately. However, since many of the MappingMaster components are under active development, the most recent Protege-OWL 3.4 build should be used when possible.    (AYW)

Source Code    (AYX)

MappingMaster is open source. This source code is available for download from the MappingMaster Subversion Repository.    (AYY)

Building    (C4X)

As mentioned, MappingMaster source code can be downloaded from the Mapping Master Subversion Repository.    (CBM)

On the command line, with Subversion installed, something like the following should work:    (CBN)

svn checkout <your-destination-dir>    (CBO)

The root of the download directory has an Ant build file that can be used to compile and install it. An option called install can be used to perform an install. The installation step is expecting an existing Protege installation and determines its location using the PROTEGE_HOME environment variable. An example Protege installation directory could be C:/Program Files/Protege_3.4.8.    (CBW)

In general, it is advisable to download and build the latest version of Protege and Protege-OWL before building Mapping Master. These can be obtained at the Core Protege and OWL Subversion repositories.    (CBQ)

Author    (AYZ)

MappingMaster was written by Martin O'Connor at Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research.    (AZ0)

How can I get help?    (AZ1)

Questions and comments on MappingMaster should be sent to the Protege-OWL mailing list (protege-owl at lists dot stanford dot edu). This list is monitored by the developers of this plugin.    (AZ2)